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4 Exciting Things to Expect from Journeys in 2014

Posted on by Robin Weber Pollak


Journeys President Robin Weber Pollak clues us in to what's in the works for the year ahead.

The start of a new year reminds us to take a moment to notice the ways in which life has evolved over the past twelve months. It's also a perfect moment to anticipate the future with excitement. Here are some things we at JOURNEYS are looking forward to in the next twelve months. I hope they'll excite you, too!

1. We're changing our look
Watch out for catalogs, t-shirts, trip info and more sporting our new logo, new colors, and new style. You'll start to see sneak peeks next month. A website redesign is also well underway, and you'll be able to explore it starting later in the spring. The design changes are all aimed at better reflecting the same curiosity, passion, personal connection, and spirit of adventure that have always been at the core of what JOURNEYS does.

2. New Ideas for Families (and a new family arrival...)
It's time you know -- I'm expecting my first baby in May! It may be a few years before Baby Pollak hits the road, but we're thinking NOW about how we can do an even better job creating delight, surprise, and fun for all our young travelers, and their parents and grandparents. Watch out for new trips in new places, plus some new activities in places we've gone for awhile.

3. New Trips for Your Bucket List
This year we will unveil new trips in a bunch of countries, including (but not limited to) South Africa, Namibia, Thailand, Costa Rica, Panama, and more. Plus we'll announce more mindfulness trips and other theme trips to facilitate deeper engagement with a destination. And, we'll even launch a few brand new destinations, which I'm not at liberty to disclose just yet... so watch your email.

4. Mind-bogglingly Awesome Trips with our Ann Arbor Staff
The travel experts in our office pick their own dream trips every year, and invite others to join them on these trips of a lifetime. In 2014 you can travel with our staff to Uganda, India, Brazil, the Czech Republic, Mongolia, Peru, Greece, China, Botswana, Mexico, and Costa Rica (on this writing trip, this one for teens, or this family adventure!).

Here's to a year full of exploration, adventure, and joy.

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