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Bhutan’s Happiness Seeks New Directions

Posted on by Will Weber

Peaceful Valleys of Bhutan

Bhutan has long been that idealized Kingdom where life changed little and people liked it that way. That romanticized notion may be a fading mirage.

 A recent feature in the Wall Street Journal suggests that some officials would like to see more foreign investment and conventional development. Two new airports, another airline, more hotels and local branches of foreign universities all seem to be in the plans for this decade and possibly the next two years. Those of us who find the existing simple hotels quite adequate and the absence of extensive roads and air services part of the charm are concerned. Especially, since the inevitable impacts of climate change, glacial melting and disruptive weather are making it a challenge to maintain Gross National Happiness under the present simplified infrastructure. Recent floods wiped out extensive wetland habitat utilized by the rare Black-necked Cranes contributing to a continuing population decline of this object of local and tourist veneration.

It may not be fair for residents of over developed nations to make judgments about how other countries should shun modern technologies and conveniences. If nothing else the message you might take from these events is that if you have not seen and experienced the wonders of Bhutan personally, you should visit soon. We can help.

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