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A Kid's-Eye View: My 7 Favorite Things To Do in Panama

Posted on by Guest Blogger

I'm Sylvia, age 9, and for spring break this year I went to Panama. Here are some pictures I took, and these are my favorite things I did there:

Sylvia_PanamaCanal.jpg 1. Visiting the Embera tribe

I loved seeing the way they lived and what they wore. 

2. Snorkeling in the ocean

It was so cool to see the fish and the coral.   

3. Fort San Lorenzo Castle

It was so fun looking at all the different types of rooms, and I loved the scavenger hunt!

4. Starfish Beach

Me and Demitri (that was the name of the boy in the other family) counted about 94 starfish in the water. 

5. Animals

Seeing all the animals, like sloths and coatimundi was so fun. 

6. Ziplining

Going on all the ziplines was awesome. 

7. Locks of Panama Canal

Seeing the locks in action was so cool (I thought that the canal was completely dug and got no help from machines before I went to Panama).


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Editor's Note: Sylvia wrote this post by herself, with no edits, and also took all of these photos (except the one with her in it) with her own camera. This post is truly a kid's-view of a family adventure travel trip to Panama! 

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