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Nepal Update: Visit to Baluwa Village

Posted on by Sally Grimes

Today Journeys visited the Baluwa Village in the Gorkha District, near the earthquake’s epicenter. The population of this village is 600 people, and most of the houses and buildings were damaged in the earthquake and aftershocks.

We met with the local people and decided to rebuild a village community house, which is used by villagers, a youth club, aama samuha (a mother’s association that helps provide education, sanitation, healthcare, and women’s skill development in the village), and many other community activity groups.

We are now in the legal process of figuring out what land we can construct the building on. Once that is finalized, we will begin rebuilding the community house.


Support our ongoing efforts by donating to the Earth Preservation Fund! 100% of your donations go directly to our work in Nepal.

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