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VIDEO: Tree planting in Peru

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It's one thing to read about an Earth Day project, it's another to see it in action. Watch this video to feel the energy behind the reforestation efforts in Peru's Lares region.


Five hundred years ago, when Spanish conquistadors first set foot in Peru, the high Andes had abundant forests of a low-growing and durable tree called Queuña (Kay YOU nyuh). Today, these ancient forests have almost disappeared, and with them many of the species that once lived within them.

In 2007, Peruvian-based groups joined forces to restore these forests. Through the Earth Preservation Fund, Journeys International began supporting these reforestation efforts, helping raise funds necessary for the initiative to be successful. The project is not only benefiting the environment, but also the community.


Support this project

Please consider donating to this important project. For every dollar you donate, you are providing one tree, plus income for a local villager. And because Journeys International's Earth Preservation Fund (EPF) covers 100% of the administrative fees, every penny you donate through the EPF goes directly to this program.

donate to peru's tree planting project

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