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What's the Buzz from the Grandmas?

Posted on by Sally Grimes

White water rafting is one great activity to do with your grandkids in Costa Rica. What do grandparents have to say about traveling with their grandkids? Read why six grandmas loved their JOURNEYS multi-generational trips.

Guides and activities keep the fun coming:

"We went to a cooperative farm and we really enjoyed that. We covered a lot of ground and saw a lot of different things. Alex was one of the best guides we've ever had. My grandson really enjoyed all of it!" -Ellen T., Costa Rica

Built-in entertainment:

"At one point the staff did a birthday song and dance and really hammed it up. My grandsons enjoyed it immensely!" -Naomi M., Tanzania

Sharing new experiences:

"I can't think of anything that would have improved our trip. The kids loved the Macchu Picchu trek and also having a rainforest experience. I just love JOURNEYS! We're already planning another trip with you." -Georgeann I., Peru

Passing down passion for travel:

"Being on such an adventure with my grandkids combines the two things that mean the most to me. I need some more time to savor this experience and then I’ll be back!"
-Connie S., Peru

Seeing the world through their eyes:

"My grandchildren have always been told that when they become 9 years old I will take them on an international trip. Each one has reminded me of this the very day of their birthday. Not only have I developed a stronger bond with them during our travels but they have afforded me the opportunity to see the world through their eyes which is very different from the way my adult mind sees things. Both they and I are deeply enriched by this experience." -Pat B., Nepal

Travel is the best education:

"The experience in Belize gave our 13-year old granddaughter a chance
to see and do things that delighted and educated her as few other
sights and locations can provide. The guide in the rain forest was especially
thoughtful and sensitive about her needs." -Bonnie M., Belize

To find out more about multi-generational trips, check out the JOURNEYS For Families webpage.

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