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Posted on November 5, 2015 by Sally Grimes


7113-107-BRZ-0711-JW-blogfeatured.jpg"Gee," we sometimes hear, "I don't know about joining a trip with a group of strangers..." The Journeys staff had fun coming up with some advice for group travelers, and Gail Scherer wrote it up for you (with apologies to Dr. Seuss).


You’ll explore with new friends and learn something new.
Now, to be a good traveler, here’s what to do…

Be positive, timely, and come well prepared
with camera, good shoes, and snacks to be shared.

Stay with the group; do not wander away.
Time spent looking for you will cause a delay.

Take note of the info your guides will explain.
They have local knowledge you’ll want to retain.

Be patient, receptive, and try not to judge.
Be flexible, open and willing to budge.

Every day on the vehicle sit somewhere new
so each in your group gets a turn for a view.

At the end of the day, when you leave from your seat,
pick up your detritus; keep the bus neat.

If something perturbs you please let your guide know
so things can get fixed and don't brew 'til you blow–

But give feedback privately just to the guide;
public complaints cause the group's downward slide.

The well-prepared traveler brings just enough;
they're not all weighed down by too much extra stuff.

Take minimal luggage but be sure to include
your manners and humor and great attitude.

I hope that you get this – don’t mean to be preachy.
I just want your whole group to think that you’re peachy!

Now go and enjoy the trip with new friends.
You’ll find fun and adventure around every bend.

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